Determination of tonotopic maps in auditory cortex

A systematic recording from neuron best frequency (characteristic frequency) across regions of auditory cortex reveals cortical frequency maps. We have investigated various aspects of such tonotopic maps in cat and chinchilla animal models.

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Response-properties-of-cortical-neurons to tone stimuli
Mapping tonotopic organization in the auditory cortex
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Latency onset of neuronal responses

Cerebral blood flow changes and neural activity patterns

We have explored the relationship between neural activity in the auditory cortex and changes in local blood flow caused by the metabolic demands of neurons. We have used optical imaging of intrinsic signals in animals with simultaneous single unit recordings. Optical imaging measures aspects of blood flow similar to the BOLD effect in fMRI methods.

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Frequency coding in the auditory midbrain

In the central nucleus of the inferior colliculus (IC) of the midbrain a clear tonotopic frequency map can be assessed using single unit recordings of neuron characteristic frequency. In this example, note the map in the chinchilla model.

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Freqency map in the chinchilla auditory midbrain
Tonotopic organisation in the cat auditory cotex
Cortical frequency map after cochlear lesion

Developmental plasticity of tonotopic maps in cortex

We have studied the neuroplasticity of frequency maps in auditory cortex by mapping tonotopic regions of cortex with singe unit recordings. We have noted the changes to such maps in subjects resulting from neonatal changes to cochlear activity patterns.

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Postnatal refinement of frequency coding in auditory cortex

Using single unit electrophysiology we have determined how frequency coding in (chinchilla) cortex changes from birth to maturity.

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Increase in complexity with neuronal response in auditory cortex with age