Journal front covers from the Auditory Science Laboratory

Neuroimage journal cover - work published in 2000
Cerebral cortex journal cover - work published in 2002
Stroke Journal cover - work published in 2003
Hearing Research journal cover - work published in 2016

HAREL N, MORI N, SAWADA S, MOUNT RJ, HARRISON, R.V. (2000): Three distinct auditory areas of cortex (AI, AII, AAF) defined by optical imaging of intrinsic signals. NeuroImage 11:302-312.

HARRISON, R.V., HAREL N, PANESAR J, MOUNT RJ (2002) Blood capillary distribution correlates with hemodynamic based functional imaging in cerebral cortex. Cerebral Cortex. 12, 225-233.

SATOMI J, MOUNT RJ, PATERSON AD, TOPORSIAN M, WALLACE MC, HARRISON, R.V., LETARTE M (2003). Cerebral vascular abnormalities in a murine model of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Stroke 34, 783-789

CARRARO M, PARK A, HARRISON RV. (2016) Partial corrosion casting to assess cochlear vasculature in mouse models of presbycusis and CMV infection. Hearing Research. 332 95-103.