StarGazer-2 Differential Static Light Scattering (DSLS) Protein Thermo-denaturation


  • Measure protein melting / aggregation temperature (Tagg) using a CCD camera which monitors all wells in the plate simultaneously
  • High-throughput format in either standard or low volume 384-well microplates using a minimum protein concentration of 0.05 mg/mL and 2.5 µL/well
  • Protein denaturation using temperature scanning and isothermal incubation from 10°C up to 95°C and with ramp rates from 0.1 °C/min up to 5 °C/min
  • Applications include protein buffer optimization for stability, compound/nucleic acid/peptide/ligand interaction (stabilization/destabilization) library screening and dose response characterization, protein crystallization promotion characterization, membrane protein optimization and analysis and evaluation of protein refolding conditions