DynaPro Plate Reader III Dynamic & Static Light Scattering (DLS & SLS)

Wyatt Technology

  • Micro-well Plate Dynamic & Static Light Scattering (DLS & SLS)
    • Measures the hydrodynamic radius of particles directly in assay plates
    • Radius detection range of 0.5 nm to 1000 nm
    • Sensitivity down to 0.125 mg/mL lysozyme
    • Higher throughput using 96, 384 or 1536-well assay plates
    • Minimum sample volume of 4 µL
    • Isocratic and temperature gradient control from 4°C to 85°C
    • On-board camera for sample quality control and data diagnostics
  • Particle Size Determination and Distribution
    • Protein molecular weight determination (SLS) from 1 to 1,000 KDa
    • Protein thermal stability (Tonset, Tm, Tagg) using thermo-denaturation, aggregation and oligomerization determination
    • Colloidal stability (A2/B22, kD)
    • Nanoparticle, polymer and biotherapeutic applications
  • Molecular Interactions
    • Kd determination