Synergy Neo2 HTS Hybrid Multi-Mode Plate Reader


  • Hybrid technology having both quad monochromators (top and bottom) and filter-based (top) optics
  • Detection modes include:
    • Filter and Monochromator-based fluorescence (variable bandwidths from 3 nm to 50 nm, 1 nm increments)
    • Fluorescence polarization (anisotropy)
    • Time-resolved fluorescence
    • UV-VIS absorbance
    • Luminescence
  • Filter-based detection applications include:
    • AlphaScreen, AlphaLISA, AlphaPLEX
    • GeneBLAzer
    • Europium and Terbium LanthaScreen (FRET)
    • Fluorescence polarization (FITC, BODIPY-TRM, TAMRA, Texas Red and Cy5)
  • Compatible with up to 1536-well plates
  • Integrated dual injector module
  • Temperature controlled up to 65°C
  • Compressed gas environment option
  • Microplate well measurements include end point, kinetic, spectral scanning and well area scanning modes along with linear, orbital or double orbital plate shaking.
  • Take3 micro-volume plate where up to 48 protein or nucleic acid samples can be quantified at one time using only 2 uL / sample.


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