Automated Small / Wide Angle X-ray Scattering with Optional In-line FPLC

Anton Paar SAXSpace and GE Healthcare Life Sciences AKTA Pure FPLC

  • SAXS / WAXS is an excellent tool for determining the size, shape, internal structure, porosity, orientation and crystallinity of samples
    • Simultaneous SAXS (Bio-SAXS) and WAXS analysis
    • Line Collimation can be switched to Point Collimation
    • 1D CMOS (Mythen2) and 2D Imaging Plate detectors
    • TCStage sample stage with Peltier control from -30°C to 150°C.
    • Integrated temperature controlled (RT to 4°C) autosampler with 1 mm quartz FlowCell for high-throughput screening up to 192 liquid samples
    • Wide range of manual stages available including:
      • 1 mm quartz capillary (60 μL) for liquids
      • μ-Cell (10 μL) for low volume liquids
      • PasteCell for viscous and powder samples
      • RotorCell for averaging microcrystalline domains
      • TubeCell with flowthrough connections (disposable fluid pathway)
      • TCS Capillary Holder for disposable capillaries
    • The SAXSpace can also be integrated with the AKTA Pure FPLC for in-line size exclusion peak analysis
  • SAXS / WAXS provides a wide range of sample-type analysis and applications including:
    • Colloidal dispersions such as nanocrystals, pigments and metals
    • Surfactants such as detergents and food additives
    • Emulsions such as food, drug carrier systems and personal care products
    • Biological materials such as proteins, protein complexes, lipids and peptides
    • Nano-composites such as nono-filled polymer composites, clays and carbon nano-tubes
    • Polymers and fibres such as semi-crystalline material, polymer blends and synthetic fibres
    • Liquid crystals such as those used in detergents, food and drug delivery systems and biological membranes

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