Internal SickKids Users

The SBC Facility can be accessed in one of two ways. This can be either on a pay-per-use basis for each individual instrument (Option #1) or through a yearly membership for all-instrument access (Option #2) as follows:

Option #1

Internal SickKids facility instrument pay-per-use fee:

  • All instruments except SAXS/WAXS, X-ray diffractometer and protein crystallization support equipment:  $120 / day
  • SAXS / WAXS:  $200 / day
  • X-ray diffractometer plus protein crystallization support equipment:  $200 / day
  • One-time new user training fee per instrument:  $200

Option #2

Internal SickKids facility user yearly membership:

  • Please contact the SBC Facility manager for special pricing details

In addition to the two options listed above, scientists may submit samples for instrument-based analysis by facility personal. Pricing is based on project scope. Please contact Greg Wasney ( for pricing details.

We offer facility users access to SBC Facility-exclusive support equipment to assist with experimental set-up. This includes a full range of mechanical and electronic single and 12-channel pipettemen, refrigerated centrifuges, vortexes, balances as well as a NanoDrop, pH meter, temperature controlled sonicator, stirring plate and dry bath heating / cooling blocks.

All facility users have included access to full-time technical and experimental support provided by the dedicated facility manager.