Protein Crystallization Support Equipment

ARI Gryphon dropsetter

  • The Gryphon dropsetter can set up 96-well crystallization screens and works optimally for drop volumes between 0.2 and 1 uL. It can also be used for LCP crystallization.

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Douglas Instruments Oryx4 crystallization robot

  • The Oryx4 can be used for small sitting drops and microbatch crystallization. The three-bore dispensing tip allows dispensing of small volumes (100 nL) and is optimal for microseeding.

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Rigaku CrystalMation DT Minstrel crystal hotel/imager

  • Two Rigaku Hotel / Imaging System are available (20 degrees). Protein crystals can be verified by UV exposure.

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Other Resources:

  • Microscopes (RT and cold room)
  • Crystallization plate incubators
  • Cold room
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Barcode Label Maker (GX430t)
  • Milli Q water

Supported Crystallization Plate Types:

  • ARI 96-2 Shallow well (102-0001-20)
  • ARI 96-3 LVR (102-0001-03)