Evidence suggests that newborn and child health systematic reviews and meta-analyses exhibit poor quality in reporting. The Preferred Reporting Items in Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis’(PRISMA) and PRISMA-(Protocol) checklists have been developed to improve the reporting of systematic reviews results and protocols, respectively. We aimed to identify areas where reporting could be strengthened, underpinning a rationale for the implementation of child-centric extensions and modifications to current PRISMA and PRISMA-P, such as to improve reporting in this population.

In collaboration with members of the PRISMA Group, we are developing a consensus-based checklist of essential items which researchers should include when reporting paediatric systematic reviews. PRISMA-PC and PRISMA-Children guidance will 1) help authors write clear protocols and reports of their paediatric SRs, 2) create a framework for reviewers that assess publications, 3) expedite funding evaluations, 4) provide a tool for training students and researchers on paediatric SR methodology, and 5) help end-users of the SR such as paediatricians and policy makers to better evaluate SR’s validity and applicability in their decision-making process.

Current status:

The evidence synthesis, Delphi survey and international consensus have been completed. The checklists have been finalized (available on request). PRISMA-Children Statement and Explanation and Elaboration document are expected to be published Q4 2023.

Details on this project can be found here: PRISMA-Children and PRISMA-Protocol for Children (P-C) Extensions: a study protocol for the development of guidelines for the conduct and reporting of systematic reviews and meta-analyses of newborn and child health research.

Updated May 2023

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