3rd Annual EQUATOR Canada Publication School

Fall/Winter 2021 – Details to be announced. Please email Andrea Chiaramida (achiara@sickkids.ca) to be added to our communication list. 

A course designed for biomedical researchers of all career stages and subspecialties.

Researchers and physicians often go on to become authors, peer reviewers, or scientific editors. The literature suggests they are often unprepared for these roles. This course will introduce participants to the principles of publication science (i.e., journalology). Participants will gain an understanding of the myriad of factors that can influence and impact the integrity of the scientific record and access strategies and resources to deal with them.

Topics will include:

  • How to select a journal
  • How to navigate peer review and be published
  • How biomedical journals operate
  • How to choose and use reporting guidelines
  • Publication models and publication metrics
  • Publication ethics and research integrity
  • Publication bias and its consequences
  • Life after publication: Science in the media
  • Engaging patients and parents from research design to publication

Course tutors include reporting guideline developers, Andrea Tricco, Martin Offringa, David Moher, Rick Glazier, An-Wen Chan, Kelly Cobey and Nancy Butcher.