Uses of the CPCHECKlist©

  1. The CPCHECKlist© is an expanded health-module that is a companion to the Caregiver Priorities & Child Health Index of Life with Disability (CPCHILD©) questionnaire.The health sub-scale of the CPCHILD© questionnaire includes 3 generic health items that provide little information about specific health issues. The CPCHECKlist© is intended to provide that specificity so that it might be clinically useful for medical decision making.
  2. The CPCHECKlist© can serve as a standalone tool that is an efficient and comprehensive way for clinicians to capture or track these specific health issues over time. It can highlight for HCPs, heath concerns that parents wish to have addressed at any given clinical encounter. The CPCHECKlist© will prompt further investigations, or referrals, initiation or alteration of treatments, or trigger measures to optimize health issues in preparation for major interventions.
  3. The CPCHECKlist© might serve as an index of comorbidities to capture the overall health of a child with severe CP or CP-like conditions. Since these comorbidities have been shown to be negatively associated with health-related quality of life as measured by the CPCHILD©, these comorbidities become important covariates that must be accounted for in outcomes research involving this population. The CPCHECKlist© can serve as a standardized index to capture and quantify these comorbidities in clinical trials, cohort studies or registries involving this patient population.