Muscular Dystrophy Child Health Index of Life with Disabilities (MDCHILD™)

The MDCHILD™ is a condition specific measure for children with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and other similar muscular conditions. This questionnaire aims to address specific health related priorities relevant to children with muscular conditions and their parents. The MDCHILD™ was derived from the CPCHILD™ questionnaire. Learn more about the MDCHILDProject.


The MDCHILD questionnaire is available in the following languages. Please register for a license prior to use. 

MDCHILD Caregiver Versions

MDCHILD Child Versions

Primary Contributors

  • Unni Narayanan and Roni Propp (English)

Contact us if you are interested in culturally adapting and translating the MDCHILD™ in your language.

Translation Guidelines

Please find a PDF of the translation guidelines here. Further readings regarding culturally adapting questionnaires:


An online version of the MDCHILD™ through the REDCap database system is also available. If you are interested in using the online version, please register for a license and indicate your preference for the online version in the User Profile Form.


The MDCHILD™ Manual and Interpretation Guide is being developed. The manual will provide information about the development and validation of the MDCHILD™ and will describe the use and scoring of the questionnaire.


This work has been supported by research funding from:

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