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Terms of Use

We have developed several outcome measurement tools for use in research, academic or clinical practice. These tools along with accompanying scoring and interpretation materials can be used by other parties following agreement of the terms of use.


Fees are waived for projects of non-commercial nature where the tools will be used as part of clinical practice or academic (including course-based) research. Quotes are provided for projects involving commercialization and can include those sponsored by industries, CROs or any other for-profit organization. Quotes will be negotiated on a per-project basis and will vary depending on the number of tools requested, number of sites involved, and length of the project.


Please complete the User Profile Form for each proposed project. Licensing terms and fees (when applicable) will vary depending on the intended use of the tools. Once a license is granted and a fee (if any) is paid, the user will be given access to the tools, its interpretation guide and scoring materials.