Patient Reported Outcomes Of Fracture Healing (PROOF™) 

Upper extremity fractures are one of the most common injuries in children. Currently we are unable to determine the child’s (or parent’s) perspectives on the child’s well-being, functioning, symptoms, and experiences with treatment because there are no validated patient-reported outcome measures for this purpose. Because of this, we decided to develop the PROOF-UE. The purpose of the PROOF-UE questionnaire is to obtain the perspectives of both children and their parents in 4 domains: how the limb looks, how the limb feels, how the limb is working, and how it is healing. Learn more about the PROOF Project.


The PROOF-UE questionnaire is available in the following versions. Please register for a license prior to use. 

Language Primary Contributor Versions Available
English Unni Narayanan and Roni Propp Parent Long Version
English Unni Narayanan and Roni Propp Parent Short Version
English Unni Narayanan and Roni Propp Child Long Version
English Unni Narayanan and Roni Propp Child Short Version

Contact us if you are interested in culturally adapting and translating the PROOF-UE™ in your language.

Translation Guidelines

Please find Translation guidelines here. Further readings regarding culturally adapting questionnaires:


An online version of the PROOF-UE™ through the REDCap database system is also available. If you are interested in using the online version, please register for a license and indicate your preference for the online version in the User Profile Form.


The PROOF-UE™ Manual and Interpretation Guide is being developed. The manual will provide information about the development and validation of the PROOF-UE™ and will describe the use and scoring of the questionnaire.