Our PSCORE work could not have been accomplished without the efforts of the following:

Veronica Grad
Muhammad Rashid
Vanna Nguyen
Sophia Lenz
Nicole Banting
Suvarna Moharir
Georgia Dominguez
Shikha Patel
Komal Bagha
Abivarshini Sivathasan
Shamaila Bajwah
Menal Huroy, BSc, (MD)
Clarissa Encisa, BSc, MPH
Shannon Weir BSc, MSc, PMP
Beverley J. Antle, PhD, RSW
Kent Campbell, PhD
Laura DeOliveira, MSW, RSW
Angela Ho, BSc (MD)
Julie Hughes, BAH, (MD)
Sonia Kiran, BSc, BEd, MEd  
Shannon Knights, BSc, MD       
Michael Livingston, BASc (MD)
David B. Nicholas, PhD
Jennifer Smith, BMedSci (BMBS)
Amir Suhail, BSc, (MD)
Andrea Wong, BASc, MPH (MD)

Special thanks is also extended to Derek Stephens for his advice and assistance with various aspects of the statistical analysis.