Our mission

is to improve survival of children diagnosed with rare brain tumor by:


Developing better diagnostic tools


Developing new drugs and treatments


Linking doctors and researchers around the world


Connecting families with clinical trials

Linking doctors and researchers around the world

  • The RBTC collects tumor, CSF and blood and clinical data from newly diagnosed or prior patients with suspected or confirmed rare brain tumor diagnoses from global member sites
  • Biomaterials are used for
    • Generation of cell lines for drug studies,
    • Genetic, molecular and histopathologic studies to investigate or confirm diagnoses
    • Genomic studies to discover nature of tumor-causing processes
  • Clinical data of rare brain tumor patients including pathology reports, treatment and imaging information are linked with molecular findings and shared with the global community to
    • Improve clinical recognition and develop more specific and sensitive diagnostic assays
    • Inform new approaches or types of therapies for rare brain tumor patients