Ready to submit samples?

For the past couple of years, we have used iLab for tracking service requests at SPARC. However, based on user feedback, cost, and new legal requirements from SickKids, we are now using QReserve as our online ordering system. If you were a user of iLab and our facility, you should have received an email describing how to get started. If you are new to QReserve, email Leanne to have an account set up for you. As always, feel free to contact us to discuss the design of your experiments or sample preparation aspects.


Submitting Samples on QReserve:

Navigate in QReserve to our site “SPARC BioCentre – Molecular Analysis” and make a service request under Resources. Fill out the intake form and then the service request form. Under accounting info, internal users can add their cost center number while external users should leave this blank as we invoice by email, not through QReserve. We will price the request, but it will remain “pending” until your samples arrive, at which time it gets moved to “approved”.


Samples can be shipped to:

Leanne Wybenga-Groot
SPARC BioCentre, Room 21.9400
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning (PGCRL)
The Hospital for Sick Children
72 Elm Street
Toronto, ON M5G 1H3

or dropped off during business hours (9 am – 5 pm, M-F). Please note if you plan on dropping off your samples personally, you can leave them in the PGCRL lobby. If they are on ice and/or you prefer to hand them over to SPARC staff, please contact us beforehand to arrange for someone to meet you in the PGCRL lobby.