At SPARC BioCentre, we apply state-of-the-art technologies, including mass spectrometry, amino acid analysis by HPLC, and extracellular flux analysis by Seahorse, for the molecular characterization of biological systems. This includes identification and quantification of a broad range of large and small molecules including proteomes and proteins, and small molecule analytes such as amino acids and measures of metabolism. In early 2023, SPARC merged with the Analytical Facility for Bioactive Molecules (AFBM), which has been in operation at SickKids for over a decade, created by the Translational Medicine Program and directed by Dr. Martin Post. With this merger, SPARC now offers quantitative and qualitative analysis of a broader range of small molecules including lipids, drugs, amino acids, and metabolites, as well as immunoassay services.

SPARC is operated on a cost-recovery basis by an experienced team of scientists and technicians, with Dr. Michael Moran as our Scientific Director. We are happy to work with researchers from early consultation and planning phases, to delivery of data, data analysis, and preparation of publications and grant proposals.

The SPARC BioCentre is a proud member of the Pan-Canadian Proteomics Centre.