The Amino Acid Analysis lab has served over 250 academic and industry researchers worldwide since its inception in 1984, providing access to high quality proteomics applications at a competitive price. We routinely perform accurate analyses of sample concentration, composition, and purity using 500 picomoles (and as little as 50 picomoles) of purified protein. Services offered include:

For Purified Protein/Peptide Samples After Hydrolysis:

  • Estimate amount of protein and degree of purity
  • Estimate concentration of protein/peptide solution
  • Determine amino acid composition, estimate amount of unusual amino acids
  • Determine the complete amino acid profile of foodstuffs
  • Estimate tryptophan and/or cysteine content of a peptide

For Amino Acid Samples Without Hydrolysis:

  • Determine and estimate specific free amino acids in media and solutions
  • Determine physiological amino acids in biological fluids


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