Technical Issues Related to Access to the Sharepoint:
Q: The videos did not load.  Why I cannot view the videos?
A: Check your internet connection and try again later.  If you do not have high-speed internet, streaming the videos  would be slow.


Q: I cannot open or download the quiz?  What should I do?
A: The quizzes are set up using Adobe and should be platform free.  Your problem could be related to the browser that you are using.  Chrome for example doesn’t seem to work, if that is the case for you, please try use Firefox instead.


Questions Related to the Course:
Q: Will the lecture be available until Sunday?
A: The respective lecture video will be available from Monday (9am) to Sunday (12 midnight).


Q: Can we submit the quiz any time (during the weekend or next week)? or should we finish it by Friday?
A:You can submit the quiz any time during the week, but the latest by Sunday (12 midnight) of that week.


Q: Do you track my performance on the quiz?
A: No, the performance is not tracked, the purpose of the quiz is to help you learn.


Q: Do I have to take the quiz?
A: Yes, if you are an IMS student, in order to fulfill the IMS requirement, you will need to finish all 7 quizzes and submit them to Dr. Teresa To.
A: If you are an international participants, you will also need to complete all 7 quizzes and submit them to Dr. To in order to receive a certificate for completion.


Q: How do I know if I have successfully submitted the quiz?
A: You would receive an email acknowledgement of the receipt of your quiz.  If you do not receive the email notification, it could have been a problem with your email system that blocks the PDF attachment.  In which case, should save the PDF file, complete the quiz and email it directly to Dr. Teresa To as an attachment.