The iOUCH lab would not be able to excel without the co-operation of a dedicated research team. Meet the team!

Principal Investigator

Jennifer Stinson
Jennifer StinsonPrincipal Investigator
U of T Profile
Dr. Jennifer Stinson is the Mary Jo Haddad Nursing Chair in Child Health and an Advanced Practice Nurse in the Chronic Pain Program at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto. She completed her undergraduate nursing degree in 1988 from the University of Western Ontario, her Master’s of Science degree in 1992 from the University of Toronto, a Post-Master’s Paediatric Nurse Practitioner Certificate from the State University at SUNY Buffalo in 1998, and then completed her PhD in Nursing from University of Toronto in 2006.

Dr. Stinson’s clinical work focuses on working with children and youth with chronic pain and their families as part of an interdisciplinary pain team in the Department of Anesthesia and Pain Medicine at SickKids. Her major clinical research interests are in the area of pain and symptom management and the use of e-health (internet) and m-health (mobile phones) technologies to improve the assessment and management of pain and other symptoms in children with chronic illnesses. She is also interested in developing and evaluating novel interprofessional paediatric pain curricula for health-care professionals.

Stinson is currently funded by the Canadian Institute of Health Research, National Institutes of Health, The Arthritis Society, C17 Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders, Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO), and Alex’s Lemonade Stand and Health Research Foundation. She has published 78 peer-reviewed papers in prestigious journals.

In recognition of her important work in the area of pain, disease self-management and e-health, Stinson has received a Career Scientist Award from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (2009-2011), Canadian Arthritis Network Investigator Award (2011-2013) and the top new investigator award in Canada – The Peter Lougheed CIHR New Investigator Award (2013-2018). She also received the Canadian Pain Society Early Career Award in May 2012 and the International Association of the Study of Pain Childhood SIG Early Career Award in June 2015.

Research staff

Chitra Lalloo
Chitra LallooResearch Associate
Chitra Lalloo completed her PhD in Medical Sciences at McMaster University in 2014. Her dissertation was focused on development and validation of Pain-QuILT™, a digital pain mapping tool for the assessment and tracking of pain in adolescents and adults with persistent pain, including chronic pain and arthritis. Pain-QuILT™ is now being licensed for clinical and research use, and Dr. Lalloo is leading research initiatives for evaluation across the lifespan and translation to different languages.

Dr. Lalloo completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the iOUCH lab in 2016. In this role, she oversaw development of the first web and smartphone-based pain self-management platform for youth with persistent pain, called iCanCope. The iCanCope platform is being configured for youth with arthritis, chronic pain, and sickle cell disease. She has also led scoping reviews of existing patient-focused mobile apps for pain self-management and post-surgical pain.

As research associate in the iOUCH lab (September 2016 to present), Lalloo runs mentorship initiatives for undergraduate and graduate trainees in the lab. She is also responsible for overseeing pilot randomized controlled trials to evaluate iCanCope in arthritis, chronic pain, and sickle cell populations. She is currently leading the integration of Apple’s ResearchKit into the iCanCope platform, which has the potential to transform the evaluation of medical apps by streamlining participant consent, outcome measurement, and biometric data capture. As of 2016, no other lab in Canada has used ResearchKit, and no one in the world has used it with pediatric populations.

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Cynthia Nguyen
Cynthia NguyenClinical Research Project Manager
Cynthia Nguyen is a Clinical Research Project Manager with Dr. Stinson’s lab. She attended the University of Toronto and received her Honours Bachelor of Science majoring in health and disease as well as a double minor in sociology and psychology and received her Master’s of public health from the University of Saskatchewan.

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Amos Hundert
Amos HundertClinical Research Project Manager
Amos Hundert is a Clinical Research Project Coordinator in Dr. Stinson’s iOuch Pain Lab.

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Lauren Harris
Lauren HarrisClinical Research Project Coordinator
Lauren Harris is a Clinical Research Project Coordinator working with Dr. Stinson on the development and evaluation of the iCanCope with Pain program, in addition to other projects designed to support young people living with chronic pain. Harris completed her Masters of cccupational therapy at McMaster University and is interested in developing tools that can have a meaningful impact on the lives of those living with chronic pain. In the past, she has worked in school health, providing occupational therapy services to children, and has contributed to a variety of research projects with McMaster University to support optimal aging at home for stroke survivors. Harris’ research interests include the use of mobile technology for health promotion and the management of chronic conditions.

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Celia Cassiani
Celia CassianiClinical Research Project Coordinator
Celia Cassiani is a Clinical Research Project Coordinator with Dr.Stinson’s lab. She graduated with a BSc in Honours Health Science from Wilfrid Laurier University, and completed her MSc in Rehabilitation Science from the University of Toronto. Her MSc work focused on social support within an online peer mentorship program for youth with physical disabilities. In the past she has worked at Holland Bloorview Kid’s Rehabilitation Hospital supporting physical, social, and behavioural rehabilitation intervention studies for youth with brain injuries, cerebral palsy, and autism spectrum disorders. Celia’s research interests include healthcare transitions for children with chronic conditions, e-health technologies to support the self-management of conditions and paediatric quality of life.

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Sarah Lloyd
Sarah LloydClinical Research Project Assistant
Sarah Lloyd is a Clinical Research Project Assistant in Dr. Stinson’s lab. She completed her Bachelor Science (B.Sc.) Honours, Kinesiology and Exercise Science at Queen’s University. Sarah is a Clinical Research Project Assistant working on projects related to juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and within the oncology unit, working closely with patients while recruiting for various studies. Sarah works closely on projects designed to support children and adolescents living with chronic pain. In the past, she has worked with children and youth with complex medical needs, as well been involved with family support services in Toronto. Sarah worked directly with patients at the Kingston General Hospital throughout her time at Queen’s supporting those waiting for medical assistance in the trauma unit.

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Eric Mauti
Eric MautiClinical Research Project Assistant
Eric Mauti is a Clinical Research Project Assistant in Dr. Stinson’s iOuch Pain Lab. Eric completed his Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours) at McMaster University. He is now currently assisting the lab in helping patients with chronic pain through numerous initiatives, including mobile health applications and group-based therapies. Eric’s previous research pertained to how wait times affect patients undergoing knee arthroscopy procedures, particularly with changes concerning their physical and emotional health. Eric has also worked extensively with children through his experience as a canoeing and kayaking instructor.

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Tamara Do Amaral
Tamara Do AmaralClinical Research Project Assistant
Tamara Do Amaral completed her Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology, minoring in Child & Family Studies at the University of Guelph. Tamara works closely on projects designed to support adolescents living with chronic pain. In addition, she is involved in projects relating to acute post-operative pain in young children and mindfulness approaches to manage pain. Tamara is also a French-speaking health coach for teens with cancer participating in an online self-management study. In the past, she has worked in labs studying mental health and child development and has experience working closely with children, youth & their families.

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Maurry Ganeshamoorthy
Maurry GaneshamoorthyClinical Research Project Assistant
Maurry Ganeshamoorthy is a Clinical Research Assistant working with Dr. Stinson. Currently she is a health coach for Teens Taking Charge, an online self-management tool for adolescents with cancer. She completed her Masters of occupational therapy at McGill University and is interested in online management tools that help empower individuals with various conditions while providing meaningful support. She is also currently working as an occupational therapist in an acute care and rehab setting.

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Tracy Nghiem
Tracy NghiemClinical Research Project Assistant
Tracy Nghiem completed her B.Sc. Honours Immunology and M.Sc. Direct-Entry Nursing degrees at McGill University. Her master’s project, under the supervision of Dr. Lambert, was focused on the information needs of the culturally and linguistically diverse patients diagnosed with chronic illnesses. Nghiem is currently working at SickKids with Dr. Stinson as a bilingual health coach for adolescents with cancer participating in an online self-management program study. She hopes to continue to contribute to research focusing on enhancing supportive care, while also caring for patients at the bedside as a nurse.

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Eva Garcia
Eva GarciaAdministrative Assistant
Eva Garcia, BA (Honours), MA, joined the iOUCH Lab in June 2015 as an Administrative Assistant. Eva worked in research administration in Sydney, Australia for six years before joining the Dr. Stinson’s program of research.

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BUDDYLab Mascot
Buddy joined the iOuch Pain Lab in September 2014. He is interested in learning more about research and travels the world attending conferences and workshops with Dr. Stinson.

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Nursing research interns

Previous Nursing Research Interns

2016 – Nabilah Juma

2015 – Elizabeth Garofalo

2014 – Lindsay Croal

2013 – Monica Dhaliwal

Post-Doctoral Fellows & Graduate Students

Kathryn Birnie
Kathryn BirniePost-Doctoral Fellow
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Mohammad Alqudimat
Mohammad AlqudimatPhD Student
Yalinie Kulandaivelu
Yalinie KulandaiveluMaster's Student

2018 summer students

Cleo Davies-Chalmers
Cleo Davies-ChalmersSummer Student
School: Western University
Program: Medical Science
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Sara Rizakos
Sara RizakosSummer Student
School: University of Guelph
Program: Biomedical Sciences
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Robert Anderson
Robert AndersonSummer Student
School: University of Toronto
Program: Nursing

Julian Morano
Julian MoranoSummer Student
School: York University
Program: Biology

Past summer students

  • Cleo Davies Chalmers
  • Sara Rizakos
  • Sarah Lloyd
  • Carley Ouelette
  • Jordan Rivera
  • Cleo Davies-Chalmers
  • Hayley Insull
  • Sara Rizakos
  • Jacquline Mancini
  • Ryanne Perinpanayagam
  • Tessy George
Carley Ouelette
Rachel Hamilton
Omar Davis
Brianne Wieler-Stewart
Tracy Nghiem
Carley Ouellette
Joel Foster
Jordan Rivera
Krista McCambridge
Liza Yohannes
Marc Napoleone
Nisha Stephens   
Monika Dalmacio
Liza Yohannes    
Josip Marcinko
Karolina Gielarowiec  
Tahira Daya  
Josip Marcinko