The iOUCH lab has received extensive media coverage on the ongoing projects in the lab.

Feb 2017 – Lawrence S. Bloomberg, Faculty of Nursing News, UofT – Meet MEDi: The humanoid robot who comforts children at SickKids Hospital

May 2014 – Canadian Medical Association Jorunal – Time to rein in the “Wild West” of medical apps

Oct 2013 – Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis – When no one else understands: Arthritis patients learn they don’t have to ‘go it alone’ in their journey 

Nov 2013 – National Post – Managing Arthritis Pain Starts with a Conversation

March 2009 – Vancouver Sun – A painful adolescence; Everyday tasks can be excruciating for JIA sufferers

March 2009 – Calgary Herald – Arthritis a painful reality for youth

March 2009 -Times colonist (Victoria) – When arthritis hits the young; Teens and even young children learn to cope with disabling ailment

March 2009 -The Leader-Post (Regina) – Coping with juvenile arthritis

March 2009 -The Star Phoenix – Juvenile arthritis painful reality for kids

March 2009 -The Montreal Gazette – Juvenile arthritis a painful reality for many; Everyday tasks can be excruciating for children suffering from this chronic disorder

March 2009 – The Ottawa Citizen – Juvenile arthritis painful reality for teens; New Internet program aims to help youth manage disease

April 2009 – The Toronto Star – Coping with lifelong pain; Clinic’s team approach helps sisters manage painful tissue disorder

Dec 2008 – Toronto Star – Respect Grows for SickKids’ Wishes