The IMPaCT team recognizes that there are significant and systemic barriers and biases preventing equitable participation in research. Barriers to participation in research, particularly in mathematical and statistical sciences, occur in high school, demonstrated by a lower proportion of women and racial minorities studying these subjects at undergraduate level, and persist throughout all career stages. These barriers come from a variety of different sources, including systemic issues, implicit biases and discrimination affecting all stages of the academic pipeline. The IMPaCT team realizes that these barriers to inclusion affect individuals in different manners and to different degrees and we make an unwavering commitment to implementing strategies that improve the diversity of their science.

An inclusive team environment

We strive to create an inclusive team environment where team members feel valued and supported, highlighted through our values statement. We encourage all team members to take advantage of flexible working to balance their work and other commitments. We operate an open-door policy where all team members are invited to share their views. We emphasize that our success depends on the ensuring that all team members feel validated, supported and excited by our work.

Access to training and development

We recognize that limitations on training and development opportunities are a key barrier to advancement in scientific research. Thus, all team members are consistently exposed to and recommended for training and development opportunities, e.g., conference attendance, publications, short courses, networking opportunities. We also encourage peer-to-peer mentorship and support. Our team places a high value on developing rounded researchers through the on-the-job development of all key skills, e.g., written and oral communication, knowledge translation, project management. We also encourage all team members to access training on the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) to support our commitment to an inclusive team environment.

EDI principles in recruitment

We commit to minimizing the impact of unconscious bias in our recruitment practices, recognizing that equity, diversity and inclusion in recruitment is essential to sustaining a vibrant research program. We commit to evaluating full CVs for all positions and we highlight that non-standard career trajectories are valued. Applicants will be ranked according to pre-specified criteria and all interviews will include a standardized set of questions. Unconscious bias training is mandatory for all individuals involved in the hiring process.

Through these actions and statements, the IMPaCT team makes a living commitment to infuse EDI principles in all our work and interactions.