The IMPaCT (Innovative Methods in Paediatric Clinical Trials) lab, led by Dr. Anna Heath, aims to improve the conception, design and conduct of paediatric clinical trials through the development of novel statistical methodology, software, expertise and guidance. Paediatric trials face significant challenges including limited recruitment and around 80% of prescribed medications in hospital are used off-label. By creating bespoke trial designs in paediatrics, we aim to tackle these issues and improve the evidence base for paediatric medicine.

Primarily, the team focuses on two interconnected methodologies:

1. Value of Information

This method was first defined in 1959 and is built on principles from statistical decision theory. More recently, researchers have combined these ideas with health economic modelling to allow us to maximize the impact of clinical research by prioritizing research that supports clinical decision making. The IMPaCT lab works on several theoretical and applied projects to improve the use of Value of Information implement it to improve trial designs in paediatrics.

2. Bayesian Statistics

This approach to statistical inference has been gaining popularity in clinical trials over the last few decades, helped by increases in available computational power. They are a particularly powerful tool for innovative trial designs as they fit naturally with adaptive and platform trials. They can also be useful in rare diseases as expert judgements can formally be incorporated into the analysis where data are limited.

More information about our approach can be found on our project-specific pages.