The Collaborative Network for Value of Information (ConVOI) is an international network working to improve the calculation, adoption and application of Value of Information (VoI) methods in clinical and public health research. VoI is a powerful, innovative statistical method that can help decision-makers choose between making an immediate decision based on the currently available evidence and delaying that decision until better evidence is available. VoI can prioritize research strategies, design future studies, and identify research that has substantial potential to inform policy-making and improve patient care and public health practices. ConVOI links 20 researchers from 7 different countries across 3 continents to:

  • Remove barriers to using VoI in practice
  • Provide guidance and training on the use of VoI
  • Develop methodological solutions to improve the application of VoI

For more information on the ConVOI network and our projects, visit the ConVOI website