Fee Structure

Academic rates are listed below. Corporate clients pay double the academic rate for each service.

Flow Cytometry
Cell SortingUnassisted (1 hour min)Operator assisted* (1 hour min)
BD AriaFusion A, BD AriaFusion B, Aria CFIN/A$90/hour
BD AriaRITT, InfluxN/A$85/hour
Beckman Coulter MoFlo XDPN/A$85/hour
Sony MA900N/A$85/hour
Sony SH800$35/hr$80/hour

* We provide a limited number of “emergency” appointments for after hours cell sorting on Monday-Thursday from 5:30-8:30 p.m. A higher fee will be charged for these appointments. To use of this service, submit an After Hours “Emergency” Sorting request (listed under Special Assistance category) in iLab.

Analytical Flow CytometryUnassisted Operator assisted
BD LSRII$40/hour$85/hour

Instrument Training
  • WORK-FLOW online training – $125
  • Hands-on LSR instrument training – $500
    • Day 1 (seminar + demo)
    • Day 2 (hands-on training: group)
    • Day 3 (hands-on training: one-on-one)
  • Refresher LSR individual training – $85/hr
  • LSR HTS Training – $100
  • AutoMACS Pro (magnetic cell separator) training – $50
  • Sony SH800 (cell sorter) training – $300

To Book Training – Submit the relevant training request in iLab (listed under Training Services category).

Training Cancellation Policy – Training appointments cancelled less than seven (7) days in advance will be charged the full fee. Notification of cancellations must be sent via the Comments section in the iLab training service request.

Other Services
  • Data Analysis – $70/hour
  • Consultations – $60/hour
  • FlowJo Portal License – $375 per year
AutomacsPro Magnetic Cell Separator
  • $75 per reservation. Limit 3 hours max