Confocal microscopy images of human intestinal organoids stained for ZO-1 in red and cell nuclei in blue.

Cell Resources Available

The CF Canada-SickKids Program for Individual CF Therapy is now providing samples to CF researchers for academic research, and some commercial research purposes.

Resources available include:

  • CF patient induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs)

  • matched CRISPR-edited isogenic control lines (limited subset of patients)

  • matched patient nasal cells

    The selection of CF genotypes include:

    • F508del homozygous

    • W1282X homozygous

    • R334W homozygous

    • G85E homozygous

    • M1101K homozygous

    • G551D homozygous

    • D1152H homozygous

    • variety of heterozygous CF samples with F508del or minimal function mutations

    If you wish to receive samples for your research please complete the samples request form below and send it as an attachment to Your request will be reviewed by the sample committee in terms of scientific merit and feasibility, and by SickKids Research Ethics Board, if appropriate, before any samples will be delivered. Successful applicants will be required to sign a license agreement.

    Collection of samples and initial generation of the cell lines is supported by the CF Canada-SickKids Program in Individualized CF Therapy. Researchers will be charged a fee per nasal cell sample and per iPS cell sample, (plus shipping) to cover costs of sample expansion/aliquot preparation to share these lines.

    Contact the Program for further information:

    Cell sample request form