A Video Game Intervention for Kids with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Treatments to Improve Emotional and
Behavioural Self-Regulation

Children with disorders that impact neurodevelopment often have difficulties with executive functions and regulating emotions. Cognitive-based video game training has been shown to improve outcomes, however, this training has been expensive, has required professional supervision, and has been investigated only within a narrow group of children.

The Mega Team study is testing the effects of a highly engaging, take-home video game-based intervention designed to improve executive functioning in children with various brain-based developmental disorders.

WATCH – Dr. Crosbie and Dr. Schachar Explain MegaTeam Video Game

We are no longer recruiting for this study.

Thank you to everyone who reached out and helped us reach our recruitment goals!

For inquiries/information, please contact:

Taha Arshad,
Clinical Research Project Coordinator

Phone: 416-813-8210
Email: mega.team@sickkids.ca

Image of Mega Team team