Parenting during COVID-19 and beyond ep.2: new year, not so new reality

Dr. Tricia Williams and Sarah Cunningham return in this second parenting podcast to bring an updated perspective on parenting during COVID-19. They discuss pandemic mental health research from SickKids and around the world, feedback from parents and families, and additional ways to help lesson children and parent stress.

Screen time and tantrums… HELP!

Dr. Tricia Williams knows that managing screens can be one of the biggest parenting challenges you face. She offers direct advice on how much time should be spent on screens and how to best keep your kids happy and healthy when using them!

My child’s not trying in school… What can I do?

You want your child to do their best, but sometimes school can be hard for kids. Dr. Tricia Williams helps you understand some reasons why it may appear that your child isn’t trying and what you can do to support their learning.

What is a learning disability?

There’s an abundance of information out there regarding learning disabilities, which can make it feel overwhelming. Dr. Tricia Williams offers a clear and concise overview.

Parenting during covid-19 and beyond

Dr. Tricia Williams and Sarah Cunningham outline the impact stressors (such as COVID-19) have on children, parents, and families who are adjusting to new routines at home and school, while simultaneously managing associated parental stress. Through discussion, information regarding parenting and the importance of supporting family mental health during times of extreme stress will be addressed.