Highlights from the Li lab


December 2021:

Afrin and Wendy’s review paper on modeling developmental brain diseases using human brain organoids is published in the Journal of Molecular Biology.

Afrin has been awarded a David Stephen Cant Graduate Scholarship in Stem Cell Research from the University of Toronto, Department of Molecular Genetics.

Haruka Nishimura graduate student

November 2021: Haruka has been awarded a University of Toronto Open Fellowship.

Epilepsy Canada website

October 2021: Our lab received funding from Epilepsy Canada.

Brain Canada Foundation website

September 2021: Yun is named a Future Leader in Canadian Brain Research by Brain Canada.

Collage of two staff headshots

August 2021: Navroop and Wendy’s paper on a new brain organoid model of microcephaly is published in Molecular Brain.

Alex Ng

July 2021: Alex Ng has joined the lab as a technician.

Medicine by Design website

May 2021: Our lab received funding from Medicine by Design Grand Questions Program, as part of a collaborative team led by Michael Garton.

Canadian Stem Cell Network website

October 2020: Our lab received funding from Stem Cell Network’s Innovating Research Program for Early Career Investigators.

Collage of four staff headshots

September 2020:

Haruka Nishimura, Octavia Weng and Aditi Aggarwal have joined the lab as graduate students.

Octavia Weng and Wendy Choi have been awarded Ontario Graduate Scholarships.

August 2020: Our lab received funding from the Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation.

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council website

April 2020: Our lab received a Discovery Grant from NSERC to study primate brain evolution in the dish.

February 2020: Our review on brain organoids is published in the Journal of Neuroscience with a cover image.