Life in the Li lab

Li lab group photo (December 2023)

A collage of three images of various cakes decorated with icing

Lab treats made by MasterChefs Navroop and Liona. 

A picture of Li and Muffat labs attending their lab meeting on zoom.

First virtual lab meeting (March 2020)

Dr. Yun Li, Jeff Lam, Afrin Bhattacharya and Wendy Choi at the Department of Molecular Genetics Holiday celebrations in December 2019

Li lab group photo (December 2019).

Li+Muffat Lab at the DSCB retreat (summer 2023)

Eleven members of Li lab seated around a table for a restaurant meal.

Good luck in medical school, Erin! (August 2021)

Li and Muffat lab members attending one of their first lab meetings on Zoom at the beginning of the pandemic.

Life during covid-19 pandemic

A group of 9 adults standing together on a set of gallery stairs

Li lab group photo (January 2020).

A group of adults and children standing in front of a large waterfall at Canada's Wonderland

Li+Muffat Lab meeting at Canada’s Wonderland (July 2021)

Members of the Li and Muffat labs sitting around the table at a restaurant for a lab lunch in 2019.

Muffat and Li lab lunch (Winter 2019)

Members of the Li lab in the summer of 2019.

Li Lab group photo (Summer 2019).