Principal Investigator

 Dr. Helen Dimaras
416.813.7654, extension: 201876

Dr. Helen Dimaras is a Scientist in the Child Health Evaluative Sciences Program at the SickKids Research Institute, and Director of Global Eye Health Research in the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences at SickKids.

Dimaras is also an Assistant Professor at The University of Toronto in the Department of Ophthalmology & Vision Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and the Division of Public Health, Dalla Lana School of Public Health. She also holds an honourary lecturer position in the Department of Human Pathology, University of Nairobi.

Current Team Members

Helen Dimaras' Lab Members - Summer of 2016

From Left to Right: Bethina Loiseau, Dr. Jessica Hill, Adrina Zhong, Joshua Munywoki, Wei Sim, Dr. Sameh Soliman, Kaitlyn Hougham, Catherine Moses, Dr. Helen Dimaras, Barclay Obiero

From Left to Right: Dr. Helen Dimaras, Victoria Lee-Kim, Raumil Patel, Beth White, Arunan Selvarajah, Jamie Fujioka, Kaitlyn Hougham, Max Gelkopf

Research Coordinators

Stephanie Nanos

Kaitlyn Hougham, M.Sc.
416.813.7654, extension: 203287


Based in Toronto, Canada

Research Students

Ana Janic, M.Sc. candidate
Arunan Selvarajah, H.B.Sc.
Kelsey Yang, H.BSc. candidate
Taylor Irvine, B.A. candidate  Team:

Suad Ali, H.B.Sc.
Ashlyn Pinto, MD candidate

RB research Social Media Team: 
Richelle Baddeliyanage, H.B.Sc.
Max Gelkopf, H.B.Sc., MD candidate
Iva Avramov, H.B.Sc
Yoel Yakobi, H.B.A.S. candidate

Based in Nairobi, Kenya
(TBD, summer 2019)


Post-doctoral Fellows
Ledia Brunga, MD; 2012-2013
Jessica Hill, PhD; 2014-2016

Graduate Students
April Lee, MPH; 2016
Amal Gedleh, MPH; 2016
Adrina Zhong, MPH; 2016-2017
Jamie Fujioka, MPH; 2017
Minjung Jo, MPH; 2017
Leslie Oldfield, M.Sc; 2017
Beth White, MPH; 2017
Ken Weke, M.Sc.; 2018
Ruhee Mardhani, MPH; 2018
Andrea Rowell, MSW; 2018
Vivian Tam, M.Sc. Global Health; 2018
Gavin Lifman, M.Sc. Global Health; 2018

Medical Students
Jason Hu, MD; 2016
Wei Sim, MD; 2016

Undergraduate Students
Charles Baik; 2010
Christina Olteanu; 2011
Michelle Lee; 2012-2013
Betty (Li Qun) He; 2012-2013
Darren Benedict; 2013-2014
Mary (Su Yeon) Lee; 2013
Andre Kostiw-Gill; 2013
Seemi Qaiser; 2014-2016
Trillium Chang; 2014-2016
Bethina Loiseau; 2014-2016
Yvonne Umukunda; 2016
Joshua Munywoki; 2016
Barclay Obiero; 2016
Catherine Moses; 2016-2017
Iva Avramov; 2016-2017
Hannah Girdler; 2016-2017
Arunan Selvarajah; 2016-2017
Victoria Lee-Kim; 2017
Smriti Savasikumar; 2017
Kaiwen Xia; 2017
Monica Brundage; 2018
Johnson Yu; 2018
Tabitha Oni; 2018
Hodan Mohamud; 2018
Ashna Hudani; 2018
Pingki Mazumder; 2018