Welcome to the Hear Here Podcast!

We are based out of the Archie’s Cochlear Implant Lab at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. The goal of this podcast is to explore, discuss and learn about new ideas that may help people use devices like cochlear implants to hear.

Season #1 Trailer

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#1 Binaural Hearing: The Where and Why with Dr. Ruth Litovsky

Dr. Ruth Litovsky, Chair and Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Wisconsin-Madison, is our guest for the first ever episode of the Hear Here Podcast. She shares her thoughts on binaural hearing, bilateral cochlear implantation, and the importance of mentorship and sharing ideas. 


Dr. Ruth Litovsky’s Profile

Dr. Ruth Litovsky – Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab 

S1E1 Transcript

#2 Hearing Lessons from an Engineer with Dr. Deniz Başkent

Dr. Deniz Başkent, Professor at Groningen University tells us why she has the perfect name for hearing research, why communication is intriguing to study, and how robots became part of her team. 


Dr. Deniz Baskent – dB SPL Lab 

S1E2 Transcript

#3: Electro-acoustic Hearing: An Odd Combination that Works with Dr. René Gifford

Dr. René Gifford, Audiologist and Professor at Vanderbilt University speaks about how she was drawn into becoming an audiologist and scientist and the benefits of using acoustic hearing with electrical input from a cochlear implant. 


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S1E3 Transcript

#4: Cochlear Implants: An Expert-insider’s View with Dr. Lina Reiss

Dr. Lina Reiss, Associate Professor at the Oregon Health and Science University, explains that pitch judgments can change with cochlear implant use and gives her first-hand account of learning to listen through a cochlear implant.  


Dr. Lina Reiss’s Profile 

S1E4 Transcript

#5: Hearing in all Corners of the Globe with Dr. Viji Easwar

Dr. Viji Easwar, a hearing scientist and pediatric audiologist at the National Acoustics Laboratories, outlines her global search to understand and monitor hearing in infants who receive hearing aids and cochlear implants.  

Dr. Viji Easwar’s Profile

S1E5 Transcript

Season #2 Trailer

Season 2 Trailer Transcript

#1: Cochlear Implants from the start with Dr. Monita Chatterjee

Dr. Monita Chatterjee, Senior Scientist and Director of the Auditory Prostheses and Perception Lab, Boys Town National Research Hospital, talks about her journey from electrical engineering to neuroscience;, how cochlear implants work; why it’s important to hear emotion in speech; and leadership through the hearing community for Black, Indigenous and people of colour (BIPOC) network. 

Dr. Monita Chatterjee’s Profile 

Auditory Prostheses and Perception Laboratory 

S2E1 Transcript

#2: Behind the Scenes of the Hear Here Podcast with Sofia Olaizola and Maria Khan

Sofia Olaizola and Maria Khan, the students behind Hear Here talk about how they got involved in cochlear implant research, why audiology is important to them and what it’s like to run the Hear Here Podcast. 

S2E2 Transcript

#3: Insights from Early Career Hearing Researchers with Dr. Hannah Stewart and Dr. Carly Anderson (coming soon!)

Dr. Hannah Stewart is a pediatric, cognitive auditory neuroscientist at Lancaster University and Dr. Carly Anderson is a Sir Henry Welcome Postdoctoral Research fellow at the University College London. The pair talk about life as early career researchers; research communication and their own podcast, Unscientific;  as well as the importance of  peer support in academia.  

Dr. Hannah Stewart’s Profile 

Dr. Carly Anderson’s Profile