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RT @mikhailshapiro: First diagnostic application of biomolecular ultrasound! Systemic injection of #gasvesicles enables noninvasive quantif…
Congrats to @MichaelKolios and @TanterM teams!! Amazing recognition for these two very creative labs! Et bravo @Bendjador_Hanna!!! 😉 https://t.co/yHtDCsXDhq
Wave propagations at the molecular scale. 💪👏 https://t.co/uAfl9f9WOg
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#UltrafastUltrasound is often more limited by computing speed rather than by wave physics. Hence, each new graphic card generation opens new opportunities! In a way, gamers power science! https://t.co/7kiEBqesIu
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RT @ChristineAllenW: Proud of our interdisciplinary collaborative paper with @KullervoHynynen's group published today in @ScienceAdvances.…

The Villemain Lab is exploring Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging, a new ultrasound imaging technique, with the hope of applying this technology to paediatric care.

Located within SickKids Research Institute, the Villemain Lab team is composed of doctors, engineers and students.