RT @Rainmaker1973: The loudest a sustained undistorted sound can possibly be on Earth’s surface is 194 dB. Above that threshold the sound w…
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Congrats Sophie and all your collaborators!! 👏👏 https://t.co/nmuJDeSFKG
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RT @Sunnybrook: In a world-first study, Sunnybrook researchers have shown how focused ultrasound can help detect brain cancer biomarkers.…
Super nice video!! Super nice results 🤙👍 https://t.co/vl5O5yMLpk
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The Villemain Lab is exploring Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging, a new ultrasound imaging technique, with the hope of applying this technology to paediatric care. Located within SickKids Research Institute, the Villemain Lab Team is composed of doctors, physicists, engineers and students.

The main objective of our team is to develop Ultrafast Ultrasound Imaging for targeted applications. We develop multidisciplinary research projects, between acoustic physics, pre-clinical research, and medicine.