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Photo of Dr. William Trimble

Dr. William Trimble

Canada Research Chair in Molecular Cell Biology

Senior Scientist – Cell Biology

Program Head – Cell Biology

Professor – Department of Biochemistry,
University of Toronto



Using multidisciplinary approaches involving biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, the Trimble Lab’s overarching aim is to investigate the mechanisms by which membranes and the cytoskeleton interact to control complex cellular processes.

One area of focus involves the study of the septin family of cytoskeletal proteins and their roles as signaling platforms to control cellular activities such as cell division, cell migration and the development of cancer.

A second area involves the study of membrane and cytoskeletal proteins implicated in the formation of the primary cilium, and their possible roles in cell and tissue polarity.

Thirdly, we investigate how specific membrane proteins, such as the scavenger receptors CD36 and SR-B1, transport lipid into cells.

Finally, we study the SNARE proteins that mediate membrane fusion and their regulators such as the AAA ATPase NSF, particularly in the context of neurotransmitter release.


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