Sucrose Practices for Pain in Neonates (SPiN)

Three studies are being conducted in four Canadian Neonatal Intensive Care Units.
SPiN A: In the first phase of the SPiN studies, we determined the lowest amount of sucrose needed to manage babies’ pain.
SPiN B, Study 1: Now we are exploring if this amount of sucrose can manage pain when it is used repeatedly for all painful procedures while the baby is hospitalized. We are also examining whether consistent use of sucrose influences the development of babies when they are 18 and 36 months old.
SPiN B, Study 2 (Context Survey): We are also examining contextual factors in the hospital units where these babies receive care, specifically looking at factors that assist and prevent sucrose administration to determine their influence on how often sucrose is used.
The results of these three studies will be used to promote the best possible management of babies’ pain during painful procedures in hospitals.