cDNA Collection:

Cloning of nearly entire sets of protein-encoding open reading frames (ORFs), or ORFeomes, allows functional studies of the corresponding proteomes. The SPARC cDNA collection is built upon the latest generation of Marc Vidal’s Human ORFeome v 5.1 and contains 15,483 ORFs, representing 12,749 genes. This set of ORFs was generated as mini-pools of PCR-amplified products using the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC) resource as a starting point, and assembled into newly improved Gateway recombinational cloning vectors. The SPARC cDNA collection represents a resource for the production of large sets of human ORFs in various expression systems for functional proteomics experiments and screens, and serves as the foundation for subsequent downstream applications. Additionally, the SPARC archive contains several thousand additional human ORF entry clones.

Gateway Entry Clone - types of expression that can be used for cloning at SPARC

The archive of clones can be searched for your genes of interest using a number of identifiers: gene symbol, accession number, sequence etc., using the SPARC cDNA Database or directly from the Human ORFeome V5.1.

A list of destination vectors is also available: Destination Vectors (Acrobat file) or Destination Vectors (Excel file with links). For additional information, please see our Vector Information section.

Further information is available at Invitrogen’s Gateway Technology or in our Forms and Information section.

MGC Human Full-Length cDNA Clones:

SPARC also has the complete IRAT, IRAU and IRCM full length human cDNA collections.

These clones can also be searched for genes of interest using a number of identifiers – gene symbol, accession number, sequence, etc. – using the SPARC cDNA Database.