Biomolecular screening is one of the principal tools for discovering new biological targets and potential new therapeutic molecules. SPARC Drug Discovery began as a Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) funded project focusing on the establishment of a flexible expression-ready cDNA archive for functional human proteomics and a high-throughput screening facility to provide scientists access to high throughput functional screens, equipment resources such as liquid handling robotics and automation, and high-content imaging (Cellomics). SPARC also provides access to an extensive reagent resources including cDNA, esiRNA, shRNA, CRISPR gRNA and small molecule libraries.

SPARC Drug Discovery provides services to the research community on a fee-for service/cost recovery basis and is designed to be flexible and affordable for academic researchers. SPARC Drug Discovery also serves as a platform where new technologies can be developed and introduced. SPARC Drug Discovery is unique by not only providing custom services to the research community but by also providing hands-on training and development of research talent.

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