Eleanor Pullenayegum, PhD
Eleanor Pullenayegum, PhDSenior Scientist
Eleanor is a biostatistician whose primary work focuses on developing methodology for longitudinal data and health economics. She trained at the University of Cambridge (BA and MA in mathematics), the University of Toronto (PhD in Biostatistics with Dr. Andrew Willan) and the University of Waterloo (postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Richard Cook). She worked as a consulting biostatistician at the Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the University of Cambridge before coming to Toronto to pursue her PhD. Before assuming her current position at SickKids, she was on faculty at McMaster in the Department of Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics. When she is not working, Eleanor’s favourite activity is taking her daughter to the splashpad or playground, or just joining her wherever her sweet little imagination leads.
Rose Garrett, PhD(c)
Rose Garrett, PhD(c)Graduate Student
Rose is a PhD student in The STRIVE Lab. She completed an M.Sc. in Biostatistics and a B.Sc. in Statistics and Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto. In The STRIVE Lab, Rose is working on developing methods for analyzing irregularly observed longitudinal data in a Bayesian framework. Outside of research, Rose enjoys going for bike rides and spending time with her dogs.
Alexandra Goodhand
Alexandra GoodhandGraduate Student
Alex Goodhand completed a bachelor of science in Mathematics and bachelor of education at Queen’s University and master of science in Mathematics at McMaster University. Alex is currently a PhD in Biostatistics student at the University of Toronto and is working towards developing methods that account for measurement error and misclassification in longitudinal data with irregular observation times. In her spare time, Alex likes knitting, playing games and watching tv shows.
Fatema Johara
Fatema JoharaGraduate Student
Fatema is a PhD student in biostatistics at the University of Toronto. Her doctoral thesis involves developing methods for variability in irregularly observed longitudinal data. Previously, she completed her master’s degree in biostatistics, and bachelor’s degree in applied statistics. In her spare time, Fatema enjoys gardening, photography, and volunteering.
Yi Meng (Naomi) Chang
Yi Meng (Naomi) ChangGraduate Student
Naomi is a flex-time PhD student in biostatistics and also a clinical trialist in the pharmaceutical industry. She has a profound interest in solving healthcare problems using sound statistical methods. In particular, she is interested in clinical trial design as well as health economic evaluations. In her spare time, she enjoys painting, hiking and board games.
Teresa Tsui, PhD
Teresa Tsui, PhDResearch Associate
Teresa’s research interests are in developing health economic methods, including the use of real-world health utilities to inform clinical and policy decisions. Her Research Fellowship is co-supervised by Kelvin Chan at the Canadian Centre for Applied Research in Cancer Control (ARCC) and Eleanor Pullenayegum at the Hospital for Sick Children. Teresa completed her PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Toronto, and Toronto Health Economics and Technology Assessment (THETA) Collaborative with Murray Krahn and Aileen Davis to develop the core of a novel breast cancer preference instrument. Teresa has a BSc(Hon) in Pharmacology (specialist) and Psychology (minor) and MSc in Pharmaceutical Sciences, both from the University of Toronto. Her MSc was in understanding the role of patient values in decision making. She has worked at the University of Toronto as a Research Manager, lecturer, and small group facilitator. In her spare time, Teresa enjoys cooking, yoga, and music.
Larry Dong
Larry DongGraduate Student
Larry is a PhD student in biostatistics jointly supervised by Dr. Olli Saarela and Dr. Eleanor Pullenayegum. He previously completed both his BSc in mathematics and MSc in biostatistics at McGill University and an MSc in Public Health Data Science at the University of Bordeaux. His PhD thesis revolves around the estimation optimal treatment regimes with irregularly observed data. He is also passionate about open-source software, as he currently serves as a GitHub Campus Expert, and regularly contributes to PyMC, a Python package for Bayesian modelling. Outside of school, he enjoys skateboarding, playing volleyball and eating fruits, especially grapes, bananas, oranges, watermelon and nectarines.
George Stefan
George StefanGraduate Student
George is a PhD student in biostatistics at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health, and joined the STRIVE lab in November 2022 as a research student supervised by Dr. Eleanor Pullenayegum. His doctoral thesis involves developing methodology for the analysis of irregularly observed longitudinal data, particularly in settings of informative dropout and left-truncation. Prior to studying at the University of Toronto, he completed a master’s degree in statistics at the University of Guelph and a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at McGill University. In his spare time, George enjoys biking and going on walks through the city.
Poonam Dodia
Poonam DodiaAdministrative Assistant
Poonam is a budding Health Informatician and Business Analyst. She holds a degree in Bachelor of Dental Surgery from India. She played many roles over the years including Administrative Assistant, EPIC support staff, Screener, Healthcare Ambassador. Poonam joined STRIVE LAB in February 2023. She currently provides assistance to three principal investigators and Child Health Evaluative Sciences (CHES) Program. In her Spare time, Poonam enjoys reading novels, painting, biking, and listening to music.

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