Members of the Post Lab at SickKids Research Institute

Senior Scientist:
Martin Post,
Martin is a Senior Scientist in the Translational Medicine program at SickKids Research Institute. Read Martin’s staff profile.

Research Associates:

  • Daochun Luo
    Research project: Use of CRISPR/Cas technology in lung cells
  • Michael Litvack
    Research project: Use of stem cells to make Myb (neg) macrophages that can clear bacteria and promote tissue repair

Laboratory Research Coordinators:

Animal Technologist:

Postdoctoral Fellows:

  • Sheena Bouch
    Research project: Administration of alveolar-like stem cell-derived macrophages to prevent and/or repair lung injury in a hyperoxia-induced rat model of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia
  • Leonardo Ermini
    Research project: Lipidomics of placental exosomes throughout pregnancy
  • Behzad Yeganeh
    Research project: Autophagy in lung development and injury

PhD Students: 

  • Claudia Biloudeau (Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology, University of Toronto)
    Research project: Differentiation of stem cell derived-lung progenitor cells into alveolar epithelium using lung fibroblasts and acellular lung scaffolds.
  • Irene Lok, MD (PhD candidate visiting from the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam)
    Research project: Development of multi-hit model for neonatal chronic lung disease

M.Sc. Student:

  • Olivia Goltsis (Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto)
    Research project: 3-D Organoids to study the pathophysiology of Surfactant Protein-B deficiency

Students Graduated 2015/2016:

  • Joyce Lee, M.Sc. (Institute of Medical Science, University of Toronto)
  • Sandra Leibel, M.Sc. (Physiology, University of Toronto)
  • Sharareh Shojaie, PhD (Physiology, University of Toronto)