We are currently recruiting new members!


Our lab focuses on understanding the mechanisms underlying neurodegenerative disorders. We use a combined approach of molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and behavior with two different disease models, flies and mice, to understand these diseases and discover pharmacologically tractable targets that may lead to the development of therapeutics.

We are looking for highly motivated, innovative, collaborative researchers who are interested in making ground-breaking discoveries!


Postdoctoral positions

To apply for a postdoctoral position, email us your cover letter, CV and a list of three references.


Masters/PhD positions

For Masters of Science/PhD graduate studies, please apply to the Department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto. After acceptance, if you wish to join our lab, please email us stating why you are interested in joining our lab.


Undergraduate positions

For undergraduate students who wish to gain research experience, please send an email stating why you are interested in joining our lab, and include your CV and academic record.



We are located at:

15/F, Room 15.9400, Bays A-E
Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
Research Institute, SickKids


Shipping Address:

Park Lab
72 Elm Street
15/F, Room 15.9400, Bay C
Toronto, ON
M5G 1H3


If you would like to contact Dr. Jeehye Park: 
Dr. Jeehye Park
686 Bay Street
RM 15.9704
Toronto, ON
M5G 0A4


Administrative Assistant: 
Lillian Chow
686 Bay Street
RM. 14.9801
Toronto, ON
M5G 0A4