We received the first CIHR grant and I am humbled by the Maude Menten New Investigator Price in Genetics. Thanks for the support of our research program and for constructive reviewer comments. Great that the CIHR Spring Competition was reinstated.


Team contact in 3D by a ‘socially distanced’ BBQ party. A lot to talk about and to celebrate. The lab is already 2 years old!


We are back in the lab with the best restart phase 1b team ever! 25 % occupancy, but more to come – stay tuned!


Just received very good news about being awarded our first NSERC Discovery Grant! This is great, thanks very much. We acknowledge the support of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).


Congrats! Sameen successfully passed the reclassification exam and is the first PhD student in the Maass Lab! Great science to come!


We are all safe and the team is up in the virtual space. We are busy with discussing the computational aspects of our projects and journal clubs, as well as practicing presentations for seminars and talks. We will be back in the lab soon!


Happy New Year with great news. Congrats on Sergio’s postdoc paper from Mount Sinai, NYC. A big welcome to our new grad students Katerina Kiriakopulos and Matthew Stocek, and Brandon McMurray is back for a research internship.



Great times with rotation students Katerina Kiriakopulos and Matthew Stocek and big welcome for our postdoc Dr. Sergio Espeso-Gil


Happy 1st Birthday Maass Lab – what an adventurous and exciting ride with great people in and around the lab!


Thanks to the Canada Foundation for Innovation for the generous support to do live-cell imaging and to store big amounts of data.


Much bigger than the petri dish tower for MPRAs is only Sameen’s 5 years Restracomp fellowship award! Many congrats and thanks to the SicKKids Research Training Centre.


Philipp was awarded a Canada Research Chair in Noncoding Disease Mechanisms!


New Frontiers in Research Fund logoNew funding from NFRF for “Decoding RNA genes and chromatin biology in disease”. Many thanks for supporting our research!


Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Retreat 2019, Lake Simcoe, Ontario


Cover story Genome Research (Mattioli et al.) with Marta Melé (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) and with members of the Rinn Laboratory (Harvard University/University of Colorado Boulder) on the fundamental properties of long non-coding RNAs vs. mRNA promoters: “High-throughput functional analysis of lncRNA core promoters elucidates rules governing tissue specificity”






Keystone meeting in Banff, Alberta: 3D Genome, Gene Regulation and Disease


Maass Lab members - first Graduate student Sameen AhmedFirst lab photo with our first grad student Sameen Ahmed!


The Airyscan Fast imaging system arrived and CRISPR live-cell imaging (CLING) works in Canada too!





Lab Manager Kate Delfosse started and cloned the first constructs. A small step for mankind, a giant step for the Maass Laboratory!


Let us establish a lab! Unpacking, organizing, optimizing…