Participate in Research

The findings from research studies provide advanced knowledge about disease conditions, their treatments and medication safety. You can help us and volunteer with our research studies as a participant. Please refer to the following links or contact us to find out which study you can participate.

Childhood Leukemia

    • Neurocognitive-Phenome, Genome, Epigenome and Nutriome in Childhood Leukemia Survivors (N-PhenoGENICS)
    • Enrollment Closed.
    • The Quality of Life Study in Survivors of Childhood Leukemia
    • Enrollment Closed.

Drugs and Breastfeeding

    • “Drugs in Lactation” Analysis Consortium (DLAC)
    • Drugs in Breast Milk
  • Participation requirement:
      Breastfeeding mothers taking one of the study medications
    • IBD and Breastfeeding
  • Participation requirement:
          • Healthy pregnant or breastfeeding mothers; or
          • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers with IBD

Medication Safety for Child and Teenager

    • The Canadian Pharmacogenomics Network for Drug Safety (CPNDS)
  • Participation requirement:
      Child or teenager under 19 years of age, who has experienced adverse drug reactions