The Imaging Facility provides access to equipment on a user-cost basis. Users are required to book equipment in advance through QReserve. Please create a QReserve account to access the booking system.

In order to maintain the performance of the imaging equipment, any users found to have not cleaned the objectives after using the microscope will be charged double for their session.

Mandatory training is required for all users prior to the use of new equipment. Please contact the Imaging Facility if you would like training on new equipment.

SickKids Internal Rates
(per hour)
EquipmentExternal Rates (per hour)
$30Zeiss Elyra PS1 (SIM/PALM/STORM)$36
$30Leica SP8/STED Confocal/Lightsheet Confocal/Two-Photon$36
$30Zeiss LSM880 Airyscan$36
$24Nikon A1R Point Scanning Confocal w/FCS$32
$23Quorum Spinning Disk Confocals
$17Nikon Epifluorescence Microscope w/TIRF$21
$15Olympus Epifluorescence Microscope
$30Zeiss Z.1 Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope$36
$30Zeiss Lattice Lightsheet Microscope
$30Miltenyi Ultramicroscope Blaze
$13Zeiss AxioZoom
$11Leica Fluorescence Stereomicroscope$15
$5/slide (BF) or $12/slide (FL)3DH Pannoramic Slide Scanner (20x)$6/slide (BF) or $14/slide (FL)
$7/slide (BF) or $15/slide (FL)3DH Pannoramic Slide Scanner (40x/Oversize Samples)$8/slide (BF) or $18/slide (FL)
$100/hrTraining Fees$100/hr


The $500 Imaging Facility Annual Access Fee covers the following non-cost per hour items:

Acquifer HIVE Data Server
Analysis Workstations
Analysis Software : Bitplane Imaris, Arivis Vision4D, Volocity, Halo, 3DHistech QuantCenter, SVI Huygens, Matlab, Nikon Elements, ZEN
Molecular Devices Visible Light/Fluorescence Plate Readers
Varioskan LUX Multimode Plate Readers
Li-Cor Odyssey FC
Optronix GelCount Colony Counter
Molecular Dynamics Typhoon Phosphorimager