The Imaging Facility at SickKids supplies equipment for microscopy, accessory systems and software.

To see a full list of available imaging equipment, visit the SickKids Research Resources on QReserve.

Mandatory training is required for all users prior to the use of new equipment. Please contact the Imaging Facility if you would like training on new equipment.

The Imaging Facility has implemented a new equipment booking system through QReserve. If you do not have an account with QReserve, please create an account.

  • Each individual user must log in to QReserve with their own user name and password. Please do not share user accounts.
  • All users must complete an intake form when working with human tissue samples and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

If you are not working with human tissue samples, simply select ‘No’ in the dropdown menu and continue to the booking page. As this new policy applies to our slide scanning service as well, users must submit a request for slide scanning through QReserve, prior to dropping their slides off at the Imaging Facility.

  • Each user is responsible for backing up and storing their own data. The Imaging Facility does not assume responsibility for any data that is corrupted or deleted.
    In an effort to manage data storage, the following policies apply:

    • Any data that is older than one week on a microscope workstation will be deleted.
    • Any data that is older than one month on a data analysis workstation will be deleted