Photo of Brian Feldman

Dr. Brian Feldman, MD, M.Sc., FRCPC

Division Head, Rheumatology, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

Senior Scientist, Child Health Evaluative Sciences, SickKids Research Institute

Professor, Department of Pediatrics & Medicine, Health Policy Management & Evaluation, and Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto

Dr. Brian Feldman graduated from the University of Western Ontario (MD, 1985) and he did further graduate training in clinical epidemiology at the University of Toronto (M.Sc., 1994). He interned at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto and went on to do a core paediatric residency at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Dr. Feldman returned to Toronto as the associate chief resident at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids). There, he completed a fellowship in paediatric rheumatology.

Dr. Feldman is a member of the Pediatric Rheumatology Collaborative Study Group, the Canadian Alliance of Pediatric Rheumatology Investigators, the International Myositis Assessment Criteria study group, and other collaborative organizations. He was one of the founding members of the Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA), and was the head of the protocol evaluation subcommittee and chair of the Juvenile Dermatomyositis subcommittee.

Group photo of Feldman Lab team members
The Feldman Lab team in July 2019. Not pictured: Ingrid Goh

Research Staff

Photo of Audrey Abad

Audrey Abad

Clinical Research Project Manager

HB.Sc. - Kinesiology and Health Science & Psychology - York University

Audrey has worked at SickKids since 2004. She has been involved in the management and coordination of international multi-centre research initiatives focused on the development and testing of outcome measures in chronic illnesses and inherited bleeding disorders, and factor prophylaxis for hemophilia in developing countries.  Her passion is to contribute to innovative research and projects that focus on the overall improvement of health outcomes in chronic illnesses globally. Her hobbies include yoga, barre, kickboxing, and making jewelry.

Photo of Saunya Dover

Saunya Dover

Clinical Research Project Manager

B.Sc. – Human Kinetics – University of Ottawa
M.Sc. – Health Systems Management – University of Ottawa

Saunya joined the Feldman team in 2013. Prior to coming to SickKids, she worked as a research assistant and coordinator at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Saunya’s research interests include exercise and nutrition, quality of life, and outcome measure development. She enjoys reading about and following the evolving science of nutrition over the past 10+ years. She also has a small baking business called Sweets by Saunya (@sweetsbysaunya) and will often test out new recipes at work!

Photo of Ingrid Goh

Ingrid Goh

Senior Research Associate (PM)

B.Sc. – University of Toronto
PhD – University of Toronto

Ingrid has been active at SickKids as a student, volunteer, and employee. She manages a portfolio of studies in the Division of Rheumatology. Ingrid is interested in patient engagement, quality improvement, digital technology, and knowledge translation research. During her spare time, Ingrid volunteers with many organizations.

Photo of Hayyah Clairman

Hayyah Clairman

Clinical Research Project Coordinator

HB.Sc. – Cell and Molecular Biology & Human Biology (Anthropology minor) – University of Toronto
M.Sc. – Medical Science – University of Toronto

Hayyah has been involved with SickKids since 2010 when she was a summer research student. Since then she has been involved in several research projects across a number of departments. Hayyah joined the Feldman team in 2017 where she now coordinates all of the juvenile dermatomyositis studies. Her favorite thing about SickKids is the robust collaborative network among physicians and researchers. She is also a chocolate lover, and likes difficult sudoku and jigsaw puzzles.

Photo of Natasha Naraidoo

Natasha Naraidoo

Clinical Research Project Assistant

B.Sc. – Psychology – York University

Natasha has been working at SickKids since 2016, and has been part of the Feldman team since 2018. Prior to this, she worked at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH). She has always held a special interest in paediatric mental health, working as an instructional therapist helping children with developmental disabilities and behavioural difficulties. She is also a member of the Peer Support and Trauma Response Team at SickKids. In her free time, Natasha loves to spend time with her family which generally involves food – someone is always hosting lunch, dinner, a potluck or BBQ!


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Photo of Jennifer Lee

Dr. Jennifer Lee

PhD Student in Clinical Epidemiology

BH.Sc. – Health Sciences – McMaster University
MD – Medicine – Queen’s University

After finishing medical school, Jennifer completed her paediatric residency at the University of Ottawa/Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario before completing a paediatric rheumatology fellowship at the University of Toronto/SickKids. While she was completing her clinical training, Jennifer decided to pursue further academic training and enrolled in a PhD at the Institute of Health Policy, Management, and Evaluation at the University of Toronto. Her thesis will examine the long-term evaluation and clinical decision making in Kawasaki Disease.

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Yvonne Lee

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Research Fellows

Dr. Bhavna Singham

Research Elective

MBChB – Medicine – University of Bristol, UK
BSc – Physiology – University of Bristol, UK
Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH), UK

Bhavna works as a general paediatric registrar in the West Midlands, UK, with experience in paediatric rheumatology. She joined the Feldman team in 2019 and is undertaking research into the interaction between early life events, the microbiome, and juvenile idiopathic arthritis. In her spare time Bhavna enjoys travelling, cooking and yoga.

Past Students

Dr. Luisine Abrahamyan, PhD
Dr. Laura Avila, PhD
Dr. Susanne Benseler, M.Sc.
Dr. Hermine Brunner, M.Sc.
Dr. Manuel Carcao, M.Sc.
Aubrey Chiu, M.Sc.
Dr. Peter Church, M.Sc.
Dr. Ivan Diamond, PhD
Dr. Andrea Doria, M.Sc.
Dr. Grace Gong, Post-doctoral
Rachel Goren, M.Sc.
Dr. Marissa Hang, M.Sc.
Dr. Diane Hebert, M.Sc.
Dr. Adam Huber, M.Sc.
Dr. Sindhu Johnson, PhD
Dr. Lily Siok Hoon Lim, PhD
Dr. Tomo Nozawa, Post-Doc
Dr. Irena Nulman, PhD
Dr. Samantha Stephens, PhD
Dr. Elizabeth Stringer, M.Sc.
Dr. Lillian Sung, PhD
Dr. Andrea Taddio, Post-doc
Dr. Simon Tian, PhD
Dr. Pamela Valentino, M.Sc.
Dr. Andréanne Zizzo (Benidir), M.Sc.