Recent Research and Media Coverage

Dr. Ben Dunkley sits down with the Concussion Talks Podcast host, Nick Mercer, to talk about MYndspan, the United Kingdom based startup company of which he is the Chief Scientific Officer. They discuss how MYndspan plans to improve outcomes for those affected by concussions.

In this CBC production, Dr. Margot Taylor and Dr. Ben Dunkley discuss their study of Canadian soldiers with PTSD. They have observed such consistent patterns of over-active communication between key areas of the brain that they believe they’ve found a biomarker for the psychiatric disorder.

CBC radio’s “Quirks and Quarks” has aired for over 40 years with the goal of bringing listeners to the cutting edge of scientific inquiry. Host, Bob McDonald, interviews Dr. Ben Dunkley to discuss how magnetoencephelography (MEG) is used to look for patterns of brain activity to better understand, diagnose, and treat PTSD.