The ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the official opening of the Cochlear Implant Laboratory at SickKids, was held on May 29, 1998. However, the lab was ‘born’ well before that day.

The initial plans for the lab were drawn up many months before the opening by Dr. Blake Papsin. Dr. Karen Gordon then spent several months setting up the laboratory facilities and ensuring proper functioning of all equipment. Even the research studies were being planned prior to the opening of the lab and some projects began as early as June 1998.

Today, the lab has grown into a thriving hub for data collection and interpretation with countless numbers of children passing through its doors.

The lab was renamed Archie’s Cochlear Implant Lab in 2009 in recognition of a generous donation made by the Grant family in support of our research. The hallway near the lab also received a colorful makeover, with the lab entrance beautifully painted by Mark R. Burnham with farm animals and scenery for our visitors to enjoy.

Today, the lab has supported the research of dozens of post-doctorate fellows, graduate students and PhD candidates, leading to publications and presentation of hundreds of research papers all across Canada and around the world.