A portrait of Anne, our PI, in her office

Dr. Anne Wheeler

Principal Investigator

Dr. Anne Wheeler completed her PhD in the Institute of Medical Science at the University of Toronto, where she focused on structural and functional imaging in the rodent brain, combining the mapping of brain networks with behavioural analysis. This was followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) where she employed magnetic resonance brain imaging (MRI) to investigate network-based neuroimaging biomarkers in psychiatric disorders. She joined SickKids in 2015 as the new catalyst scholar in traumatic brain injury (TBI).


A portrait of Lisa, our research associate

Dr. Lisa Gazdzinski

Research Associate

Dr. Lisa Gazdzinski completed her PhD at the University of Western Ontario, where she studied the growth of brain tumours in mice using cellular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques involving superparamagnetic iron oxide particles. She then continued to focus on cancer and the effects of radiation treatment on brain development using MRI and other imaging techniques during a postdoctoral fellowship at the Mouse Imaging Centre at SickKids. She joined the TBI Neuroimaging Lab in January 2016 as a research associate. Her work focuses on deepening our understanding of the effects of traumatic brain injury on neural networks and behaviour using mouse models.


Sonja Stojanovski

Graduate student

Sonja Stojanovski completed her Honours B.Sc. at the University of Toronto. She is a PhD candidate in the department of Physiology and Collaborative Program in Neurosciences. Sonja spends her days analyzing Neuroimaging data to explore the post-injury effects of TBI on short superficial white matter fibres in children and youth,  as well as relationships between injuries to these fibres and executive functioning outcomes. Sonja previously worked as a Research Assistant in the TBI Neuroimaging lab, where she studied genetic risk and neural substrates of ADHD following TBI.


Jordan Mak

Research Technician

Jordan Mak complete his Honours B.Sc at the University of Toronto with a double major in Human Biology and Neuroscience.  He completed his MSc in the department of Physiology and Collaborative Program in Neurosciences. 


Eman Nishat

Graduate Student

Eman Nishat completed her Honours BSc at the University of Toronto with a specialist in Neuroscience.. She is an PhD candidate in the Department of Physiology and Collaborative Program in Neurosciences. 


Prashanth Velayudhan

Graduate Student

Prashanth Velayudhan completed his Honours Co-operative Chemistry BSc at the University of Waterloo. He is an PhD candidate in the Department of Physiology and Collaborative Program in Neurosciences. 


Labratory Alumni

Miranda Mellerup

Graduate Student

Miranda Mellerup completed her Honours B.Sc at the University of Ottawa, majoring in Biology and minoring in Psychology.  She joined the TBI Neuroimaging lab in September 2017 as a MSc candidate in the department of Physiology at the University of Toronto. Her project focused on studying traumatic brain injury in mouse models, specifically analyzing the time course of white matter alterations and behaviour changes after injury, 


Tong (George) Wang

Project Student

George was a fourth year student in the physiology specialist and physics minor programs at the University of Toronto. He joined the TBI Neuroimaging Lab as a summer student in 2018, and was currently working on integrating a number of MRI processing models that quantify fine structural aspects of the brain, as well as applying them to analyze microstructural white matter changes in mice that have been subjected to traumatic brain injury. 


An Li

Project Student

An was enrolled in her fourth year of her undergraduate degree as a neuroscience specialist at the University of Toronto. She was a student volunteer who is working on a project that examined volumetric differences in the subcortical structures of the brain following traumatic injury.


Hema Nawani

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Hema Nawani joined TBI neuroimaging lab as post doctoral research fellow in November 2017. Hema’s work focuses on using machine learning algorithms to identify and predict specific symptom clusters in psychiatric disorders using multimodal neuroimaging and clinical data. My future interests are in identifying neuroimaging biomarkers and personalized outcome prediction using connectomics in traumatic brain injury. I did my PhD on Cingulate network abnormalities and SRI treatment response in OCD patients – using resting state fMRI, Error related negativity, eye tracking techniques in NIMHANS, in Bengaluru, India. 


Rebecca Trossman

Clinical Research Assistant 

Rebecca Trossman graduated from the the University of Toronto with an Honours B.Sc in Psychology. She worked as a summer student in the TBI Neuroimaging Lab, analyzing resting state functional MRI data to investigate the effects of TBI on brain network connectivity.