SPARC houses both human and mouse pGIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir-GFP libraries developed by GE Dharmacon in collaboration with Dr. Greg Hannon (CSHL) and Dr. Steve Elledge (Harvard), offering access to genome wide RNAi resources. The human library contains >145,000 constructs and the Mouse Library >110,000 constructs. These libraries combine the design advantages of microRNA-adapted shRNA with the pGIPZ vector to create a powerful RNAi trigger capable of producing RNAi in a variety of  cell types. TurboGFP and shRNAmir are part of a bicistronic transcript allowing the visual marking of shRNAmir expressing cells. Additionally SPARC can package pGIPZ shRNA lentiviral particles for transduction into difficult cell lines, including primary and non-dividing cells.

Distribution of pGIPZ shRNA is limited to SickKids Investigators

Image of pGIPZ shRNA construct

From knockdown of single genes to complete pathways SPARC’s shRNA screening services will accelerate the pace of discovery and augment your research. pGIPZ shRNA constructs are available at significant savings to all SickKids investigators. Please see the pGIPZ shRNA Price List for details.Please contact Christopher Fladd for more details.

To place orders:

Search the Thermo Scientific Life Science Research website to identify and choose individual pGIPZ clones.
We request that you Email Christopher Fladd or Christine Dhara a list with the unique Oligo ID (i.e. V3LHS_316149) for each clone you are requesting, and also provide the name of your PI and a cost centre to be billed. If you require any assistance in identifying individual clones or performing searches, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Available pGIPZ gene families and pathways defined by Gene Ontology:

pGIPZ shRNAmir gene families provide the advantages of shRNAmir design combined with the convenience of Gene ontology (GO) annotated collections targeting all genes in a particular gene family or biological pathway.

The arrayed sets contain shRNAmir from the human and mouse GIPZ lentiviral shRNAmir libraries that target all genes falling under specific GO terms. These collections will greatly simplify pathway analysis, target identification and validation.

Human pGIZP Gene Families   Mouse pGIPZ Gene Families
Angiogenesis Angiogenesis
Apoptosis Apoptosis
Cell Cycle Cell Cycle
Kinase Kinase
Phosophatase Phosphatase
Transcription Factor Transcription Factor
Ubiquitin Ubiquitin
Ubiquitin ligase Ubiquitin Ligase


Detailed information and instructions can be found in the pGIPZ Manual, Arrest-In ManualLentiviral shRNAmir TechNote

SPARC pGIPZ Limited Use License Agreement